Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

BSA tandem uk 60

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  1. Dear Desrian Putra,

    Thank you for the photographs. Yes, it is a most interesting tandem and in very good condition. We cannot date it exactly from our own information but my first idea is that it is probably from about 1910 or even slightly earlier. Where did you acquire it?

    It is machine which was designed, I think, for a lady to ride at the front and the gentleman at the rear. This was a common layout for tandems at that time because the gentleman should turn his back to the lady even while cycling! They were known as lady-front tandems and we even have one in the museum [not a BSA] where the lady rides in front but all the controls [brakes and steering] are connected back to the rear handlebars by linkages - he did not trust the lady driver at the front!

    At the moment I am in contact with the Veteran-Cycle Club to ask an expert on the BSA marque for his opinion. When he replies I will contact you again with his ideas about the date.

    By the way, where did go get the first photo which you sent to us? Was it from a website? There may be another BSA collectors' group somewhere out there in cyberspace.


    National Cycle Museum
    Scotford Lawrence

  2. Dear Desrian Putra,

    I have now been able to contact the specialist on BSA historical machines. From the photos he believes this tandem dates from 1937-39. However, he asks if you can find the frame number for him.

    I hope you can find the frame number either on the side of the frame below the saddle[s] or underneath the bottom bracket[s] [the pedal axles]. If you are able to give us this number, we may be able to be more precise with the date.

    Can you give us any other background information, please - what you know of the history, where you obtained it and when. It might also help us with an accurate identification.


    National Cycle Museum
    Scotford Lawrence.